Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Someday soon, this will
be a cartoon!

As I attempt to finish two short animations in the final week of classes, I find myself being afflicted by facing two realizations:
1) Since there's suddenly no time for other coursework, whatever I've got finished in other courses, at this point, will have to do... sorry, art history and drawing class. And sorry, self-imposed perfectionism with which I've struggled since kindergarten!
2) Possibly I shouldn't have created this crisis by electing to do a second animation, but when an open project was assigned in my media course I considered my other options (e. g., a "sound art" project, a Dreamweaver website, a short film, a photo series) and remembered that animation is really the only technology-heavy work I really find exciting. (I mean, sound art? Just shoot me.)
3) Although it's stressful and a time-eater, and the animation software drives me a tiny smidge FUCKINGCRAZY, making cartoons is sooooooo fuuuuuun!


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