Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeast = feast

If you have about seven hours, some flour, and a little yeast, you can bake some awesome bread. I like to do so a couple times a week (it makes me feel like a prairie wife), but obviously it's only possible on the weekends, or when I'm working at home. For the golden loafy pictured here, I made the same dough we use for burger buns; it always turns out well.

Homemade bread doesn't last long, though--and I don't just mean because it is so delicious that we eat it up like pigs (although we certainly do... big, hungry pigs). There are no preservatives in it, so the bread doesn't stay soft for more than a day! After that, it isn't stale exactly, just not very soft anymore. That's when we make garlic bread. If there's still some left after that (and there almost never is... again, pigs), we bake vegan croutons! (Homemade bread is the dish that keeps on giving.) And, finally, here is a photo of Ben interacting with some delicious bread. For some reason, his hands look enormous.


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