Friday, June 06, 2008

I should make more Lauren
Bacall references

The BBC makes reality TV palatable. Having already devoured
the Colonial House, Frontier House*, and Manor House**
series on DVD when we lived in Wisconsin and never had anything
fun to do, Ben and I have now sunk our teeth into "1940s House,"
in which three generations of a modern-day British family take
up the customs and environs of a WWII-era household.

Turns out it's not all red lipstick and pin curls and putting
your lips together and blowing. For example, watching how
this family adapts to rationing is intense, but not as
intense as the air raids. It's always sobering to think that
during the war years, every household had to black out their
windows each night so that no slant of light could be seen
by the bombers overhead? Your neighbors might put a rock
through your window if you screwed up, because it jeopardized
the safety of the entire neighborhood.

You can get the 1940s House series at Netflix!

Next: Edwardian Country House!

*this series was actually produced on American soil by PBS, which makes sense. Anyway, I loved this series, and, despite its depiction of great hardship on the frontier, the show failed to tarnish my completely romanticized and fantastical estimation of what it would have been like to be a prairie girl.
**this is PBS, too. But they obviously got the idea from the BBC.


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