Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Social (f)utility

Trying not to be addicted to stupid old Facebook is
indeed futile.

Ben and I have been theorizing that Facebook is mainly
for introverts, although it is a "social networking
utility" or whatever. And really, you can tell who the
extroverts are right away: they're the ones who immedi-
ately send you a message indicating that "we should hang
out more," or one containing their phone number. But
because I'm more introverted than 90% of humans (at
least, that's what my Myers-Briggs test results
suggest every time I take it), I prefer to just look at
people's profiles, play habit-forming online word games,
and find out which Buffy character I'm most like.

I mean, hanging out in real life is cool sometimes. But
in general, I'm satisfied to write on your Wall and enjoy
your LOLcats.


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