Thursday, June 26, 2008

God wants us to walk more

Ben's car was stolen last night. Exactly one month to
the day after the comparatively trifling and unimportant
theft of my bicycle, Ben and I wonder if we are fated to
never get anywhither again but by our own unaided feet.

Without forgetting the many, many privileges with which Ben and
I are favored in this life, I do have several complaints and questions
about the loss of our vehicle. This morning, as I walked through our neighborhood listening to the melancholy strains of Pink Floyd on headphones, I observed that none of the other cars parked on our street were as old as our little Miracle Civic, near as I could tell. Why would someone steal our 18-year-old car when the street is lined with shinier, newer, and presumably more expensive ones? No one but us knew what a ridiculously good little auto the Miracle Civic was. With almost no repairs, the car has driven us across this country (Canada, too!) many, many times. It reliably and uncomplainingly moved us (and Ben and Bella, before they met me) from city to city and state to state, over and over again. Even if the insurance pays the full Bluebook value, how will we ever find another used car with such stamina and fortitude? For our $3,000 or whatever, I strongly suspect we'd end up with something that would require us to sink more and more money into it.

Did I mention that Ben needed the car to get to his job in St. Paul? The public transportation in the Twin Cities is totally inadequate, and costs upwards of $3.50 a day (I won't get off on my "how is this less expensive than driving?" tangent, but, really--how IS it? Thinking Green aside, it's outrageous!).

Another heartbreaker is that Ben's drum set, which was even older than the car but an extremely good drum set, was locked in the trunk. So unless he knows any songs that only require the single cymbal that's sitting on the carpet in our den, Ben can't even get his percussion on anymore.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this..maybe the civic and bike will cross paths again w/o their loving owners.