Monday, June 23, 2008

Vegan pizza night #476

Recent advances in my pizza-making have resulted in Ben encouraging me to make vegan pizza pretty frequently.* Because I'm incapable of denying this darling man anything at all (and also 'cause I like to eat pizza too), we enjoyed homemade slices again this weekend. The soft and chewy crust is made of a flour-and-cornmeal dough.

The introduction of a spicy Italian "sausage" (made by sauteeing Gimme Lean breakfast-style vegan soysage with basil, oregano, and Sriracha sauce) has really bettered my recipe in recent months, so nowadays Ben and I both love pizza night more than ever.

*Sample exchange:
Me - Honey, for dinner would your rather have pizza or...
Ben - Pizza!
Me - Really? I was going to say "tortilla soup."
Ben - Pizza.


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