Saturday, June 07, 2008

Homemade pita bread

I know you can imagine how amusing and satisfying it is to take your homemade pitas out of the oven, cut them open, and realize that they're really, truly hollow! You can actually cram stuff in there! (Well, it seemed miraculous at the time.)

Believe it or not, baking pita bread is as simple as making some bread dough, letting it rise in the usual way, and using a rolling pin to flatten small balls of the dough into thin circles. See? Just be sure to flour the hell out of everything, for reals.

Then you bake the circles in a really hot oven (like 500 degrees!) on cookie sheets. I flip mine in order to brown both sides, but pita doesn't need to be in the oven for more than 6 or 8 minutes total. It totally rises and bubbles and loses its mind. It's awesome. I wish I had an oven-cam (or at least one of those neat-o transparent oven doors!).

What did we eat this pita with? Well, it's good with a bowl of homemade hummus, but I made these for Friday's falafel dinner. The sandwiches were pretty exciting with homemade baba ganouj and some sprouts, red tomato, and spinach. I made a little vegan dressing for it, too. And we stuffed the fried chickpea patties in there too, of course. Bad photo, delicious lunch:


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